{ BlockChain | Smart Contracts | Digital Assets } Lab deals with the research and development of new solutions in the field of Blockchain technologies, in the assumption that these will allow the realization of the next generation of disruptive products.

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Blockchain tokens

Cryptographic tokens can be used for transferring digital assets between individuals and organizations, without requiring a centralized third party to execute, store, validate and secure the transaction.

The property that makes Blockchain tokens unique is that, like fiat currencies, they can be transferred but not copied: they can be owned by only one person or legal entity at a time.

A token can represent

  • unfalsifiable proof of ownership of an intellectual property or digital asset;
  • exclusive rights to access and edit personal data hold by a smart contract;
  • a disposable ticket, a voucher, a gift card (for theatre, transportation, events, goods, ...);
  • a unique remote key for a door or a locker, connected as a IoT device;

Our services

  1. Business development: co-ideation and execution of business models built around Blockchain technologies.
  2. Legal advice: Analysis of the legal implications (security, trust, non-repudiation) of adopting Blockchain tecnologies in existing and new businesses.
  3. Technology: development and integration of Blockchain-based technologies (new tokens, smart contracts, custom APIs).


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